Metabolism & Its Impact On Weight Loss

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November 11, 2014
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Metabolism & Its Impact On Weight Loss

Metabolism & Its Impact On Weight Loss

The best way to speed up weight loss is to maximize your Metabolism and to burn your calories. But the question is, how can you maximize your Metabolism?

Metabolism can be categorized into two namely:

  1. Catabolism
  • It is the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy for our body. This process is needed for the next process which is anabolism.
  1. Anabolism
  • It is the process of synthesizing of all compounds needed by our cells.

Calories and Metabolism

Calories and Metabolism are always important to maintain and balance at all times. Weight gain is commonly the result of eating more than burning them.

Factors that affect your Metabolism

  1. Age

As we grow old, our Metabolism also slows down. The amount of muscles tends to decrease and more fat are stored in our body.

  1. Body composition

Body composition also affects our Metabolism. People with larger bodies and more muscle burn more calories.

  1. Exercise

Having a daily dose of exercise will boost your Metabolism. From your morning jog to your gym routines will burn your unwanted fat. Building your muscles through weight training will boost your Metabolism in the long run.

  1. Nutrition

Along with exercise, nutrition is an important factor in increasing your Metabolism. Nutritional Guidelines are available if you have no idea on how to start with your nutritional Programs. For example small frequent meals can keep your Metabolism higher and it means that you’ll burn more calories. Waiting for too long between meals can make your Metabolism rate lower. Make sure that you eat three regular meals and snacks each day.

Eating the right food can also increase your Metabolism. For instance, protein requires more energy to digest and a high-protein food may accelerate Metabolism more than a carbohydrates.

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